Country Vacations Muscat: Holidays are more meaningful with us

Traveling with Country Vacations Muscat offers you the best and the most excellent benefits while you are on travel. Members of Country Vacations have huge discounts on everything. The fitness centres are free to access completely. We have renovated our fitness centres and placed world-class equipment in every centre. This gives the advantage of working out with the finest equipment. For members, food is provided at high discount rates. On every individual item you may get a discount of around 20%. Also get our amazing spa, steam and sauna facilities at the best rates. There are more benefits you can get with Country Vacations Muscat that you can check for yourself while you are at Country Club.

Country Vacations Muscat is one destination where vacations are just a treat. Country Club can be termed as the vacations capital of India. Not just holidays, people visit our properties to rejoice their every occasion whatever it may be; from a small birthday party, buffets to small, medium and large-scale corporate parties, events and functions. We make merry for every small and big festival. Country Vacations Muscat will give you truly an incredible experience for party lovers and travel goers. We host our members the finest dining and accommodation services with spectacular view of surrounding neighborhoods. Our ambience is extremely welcoming. We serve our guests with highest amount of care and give them the greatest comforts and for this reason, people love to visit our clubs, hotels and resorts again and again.


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