Give yourself some time to enjoy this weekend

Country Vacations Muscat is an ideal place for your weekend entertainment and relaxing. Everyone deserve a leisure time to spent for themselves. Considering fitness as part of Country vacations, the latest addition into our fitness centres is the functional training. . Health is very important to us so with functional training, you can observe a clear shift in the way your body responds. With numerous fitness equipment available, you can use and make the most of it. Country Vacations Muscat offers you with a perfect blend of quality accommodation and soothing ambience. Our futuristic hubs of wellness are committed to boost your overall wellbeing. Country vacations started with a vision to offer quality facilities at cost prices. So, plan your vacation and make the most of your holidays.

Country Vacations Qatar we mainly care for the health of our member’s health rejuvenation, Country Vacations Muscat has included Pilates, Aerobics, Zumba, Cardio, Yoga, strength, and Weight training exercises. Dietary consultant will be provided by us for each individual to give advices. After working out in our fitness hubs, now it’s time for you to dive and relax in our swimming pools. Enjoy and play around with your friends. You can benefit from all the facilities at cost-effective prices only with Country Vacations Muscat. With over 70 own chain of clubs in various locations across India, Sri Lanka, Bangkok and Middle East, Country Vacations is the luxurious holiday spot for your holidays. Our members can also use our associate properties in any location. So, now is the time to pack your bags. Middle East has the biggest architectural wonders and tourist attractions.


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