Country vacations Muscat: Holidays that you will never forget for your life.

Country Vacations Muscat offers the finest hospitality services in your preferred location. It’s a full serviced family hub equipped with lavish amenities. We offer smart membership cards for your whole family. We also provide free usage of sports and health facilities. Country Vacations is one-stop destination for weddings and organizing your conferences too. Country Vacations Muscat is your hub for endless celebrations. Our properties are designed with feel good ideas, signature leisure amenities and also state-of-the-art clubhouse, bar, fitness centre, pub, restaurants, spa, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, landscaped garden, trendy accommodation, swimming pool and more. So Visit and spend your vacations in full luxury only at Country Vacations.

Book your travel now with Country Vacations Muscat! And at our properties, you will see sumptuousness. We are the ruling kings of hospitality. You can feel that only when you visit our clubs, hotels or resorts. People who have visited our resort once always plan to come to our place again. Our friendly workforce will treat you with the finest luxuries to make your holiday a memorable one. We have more than 5000 amazing global holiday destinations which have our own properties, associated properties and affiliated properties. Each of our property gives you that magnificence experience which you won’t forget for lifetime. So, want to pick the best holiday spot for your next vacation? Country Vacations Muscat is perfect destination for you.


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