Country Vacations Muscat: Best fitness facilities

You love to stay on diet and workout daily? Then Country Vacations Muscat can assist you in picking the best club that better fits your regular routine. Our trendy fitness centres have world-class equipment and are the best places to workout. Our trainers are very friendly, super encouraging and takes a lot of personal attention. Country Vacations Muscat has a group of futuristic wellness hubs that boost your whole-some wellbeing. We started with a vision to offer the top-class benefits at a reasonable price tag. We operate across India and the Middle East. So, you can pick any of our property that suits your lifestyle. Call us now for more information.

Country Vacations Muscat gives amazing surprises everyday at our Holiday destinations. We have set up first-rate facilities for our members to make their family vacation memorable. Engage yourself with the daily events happening in our properties. Our spacious and ultra-stylish accommodation has almost every facility that you require for a holiday. Some of the amazing conveniences would be: king size beds, individual bathrooms with water heater, deep bath tub, vast cupboards and lavish interiors. Book a room now for a wonderful escape to anywhere in the world. Country Vacations Muscat guarantees and ensures that we can make your vacation truly unbelievable. We are the only destination where modern, upscale design meets comfort and sophistication.


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