Country Vacations Muscat: Best services in the industry

Country Vacations Muscat provides you with executives at Resort Management Cell who are trained enough to assist our members in choosing, booking and paying for the holidays over the phone. Every instruction will be given clearly and precisely and you don’t need to worry of anything going wrong.

Country Vacations Muscat also facilitates you with a dedicated customer care department who can resolve any sort of issues related to clubbing services, membership and any other administrative queries. We take care of all your issues because we want our guests not to get troublesome and enjoy their holidays in our pleasant resorts with world-class conveniences. So, what are you waiting for? Just get in touch with us and we would take care of the rest.

Country Vacations Muscat has the best in-class support services to help you plan your next vacation. Our Customer Services include online holiday booking, fully functional resort management cell in every location and dedicated customer care division.Country Vacations Muscat provides you with an online software named ‘WebConnect’ using which members can easily search all the existing holiday packages on the go and pick the best which suits your requirements.

You even have the option to reserve rooms of your choice in the tourist destination you are supposed to travel. Our customer service can help sort out the things for you if anything is not easily understandable. You have the choice to ask them book your travel tickets on your selected travel dates. You can use your credit card for all the services.


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