Country Vacations Muscat- World Class Facilities at One Place

Country Vacations Muscat is well known for its top world class facilities and fitness centers which are spread all over the world. There are more than 25 fitness centers which are spread all over Middle East and India.  Fitness centers at Country Vacations Muscat provide fitness training programs such as Zumba, Weight Training, Cardio and other fitness training programs. Each day is like a celebration at Country Vacations muscat. Make every moment valuable that you have spent at Country Vacations Muscat. We even organize Asia’s biggest New Year bash, Weekend Carnivals, Musical Nights, Global Festivals and many more events. All luxurious facilities from laundry service to dining in the top-rated restaurants and partying in the Nightclubs all are available for free for our guests and members.

Country Vacations Muscat guarantees you that you would have the best experience of your life and you would never forget these holidays. It is going to be a wonderful experience on enjoying all these conveniences and luxurious facilities for free. So, having these amazing benefits, you can’t resist yourself from getting our membership card to enjoy the additional benefits of your stay at Country Club. Country club is your best destination for adrenaline pumping and thrilling moments that you must experience once in your lifetime. Don’t waste your time any further, pack your bags, tie your shoes, book your tickets and enjoy one of the best experiences of the life. Country Vacations Muscat is an ideal place for your vacations with your family and friends.


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