Country Vacations Muscat – For Best Dining and Entertainment

Country Vacations Muscat:

Country Vacations Muscat hotel is an incredible hotel with the finest dining and entertainment facilities available inside the hotel. We have 6 award-winning themed restaurants in this hotel to pamper our members with a delightful blend of rich culinary heritage and the vibrant artistic tradition of both Western and Eastern culture. Live and exclusive performances will be happening all through the day in these restaurants to entertain our guests. Each bar and restaurant serves wine distinctive to a region or a theme. country vacations muscat you visit our hotel once, you will visit us again and again for the splendid food that is available here.


Our Restaurants:

The Qureshi’s Kebab & Kurry restaurants is set in an exotic ambiance and crafted by the renowned Qureshi’s family of Grand Master Chefs. Here you can savor the authentic flavors of North-Indian cuisine and soulful Ghazal performances. Moods restaurant is a “Bollywood themed” restaurant in Country Club Muscat Hotel which is renowned for the culinary delights from the land of exotic spices. Players Lounge is an authentic English club sports bar with live sports continuously being played on multiple screens. Meet friends, drink your choice of brew, eat an authentic English dinner, play a game of pool or dance to the beats of a live DJ. There is much more to do, enjoy nightlife, etc in Muscat. Just let Country Vacations Muscat plan your trip and you will remember the trip forever. You will want to visit us again just for the delicious delights we serve you.


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